Freitag, 30. Oktober 2009

U-17 World Cup in Nigeria

The U-17 German national team made it into the second round. After beating Honduras 3:1. The current European Champion finished on the 3 place behind Argentina and host nation Nigeria.

Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009

German Women National team lost against the US Women National team

The German side was the better team. But they missed too many goal opportunities and got punished by Abby Wambach. But that’s the game.

The European Champion dominated the game, especially at the beginning against the very fit looking US National team. Germany’s wing players put a lot of pressure on the US Defence. Coach Silvia Neid‘s team had a lot of goal opportunities but didn’t finish accurate enough. The crowd (28.367 – sold out) saw a good first half by the German side in the Augsburger Impuls Arena.

But Abby Wambach scored out of nowhere the 0:1 lead for the girls from the USA. Germans goalie Nadine Angerer didn’t look too good. After the goal, Germany kept attacking. But the American side adapted to the German game. They even had a chance in the 76. Minute by Wambach. But she got pushed from behind, but the referee from Hungary didn’t call a penalty. The European Champion lost their strength and the US side finished confident.

It was a good game with a lot of speed. The German crowd was very happy about the performance of both teams.

Freitag, 23. Oktober 2009

Congratulation to the US and German National Team

The US national team and the team from Germany can book their flights and hotels for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

The US team finished on the top of their group with 20 points ahead of mexico (19 points). The teams from the USA, Mexico and Honduras can go straight to South Africa. Costa Rica will face Uruguay for the last ticket to the World cup 2010.

The German team won their group. Coach Jogi Löw teams dominated their group and beat hardest rival Russia twice.Russia will play Slovakia for the ticket to South Africa.

Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2009

The story continues in Egypt - U-20 World Cup

DFB Coach Horst Hrubesch was in a difficult situation after he recieved 26 player cancelations. FIFA's timing for the U-20 World Cup in Egypt was a bit unlucky. The season in Germany and the rest of Europe already started and most of the Clubs didn't give their players the permission to play for their country. But Coach Hrubesch nominated the right players. The successful story of the DFB (Deutsche Fußball Verband) in youth soccer continues. The Team of "Newcomers" played a great tournament so far. They finished first in their group infront of the USA, South Korea and Cameroon. Yesteday, the team won with a great effort the eighth final game against Nigeria. In the 64 Minute, Germans Kempe saw with no reason the red card. The German team turned around a 1:2 deficit and won the game with 3:2. Bayern Munichs Kopplin was man of the match with two goals and one assist. Germany will face Brazil in the quarter finale.

Dienstag, 8. September 2009

Interview with Gina Lewandowski (1.FFC Frankfurt - 1. Women Bundesliga))

Check out the interesting interview with american soccer player Gina Lewandowski. Gina plays with Ally Krieger for the German powerhouse 1.FFC Frankfurt. Gina won in her first year the tripple (German cup, women champions league and the German league). Before Gina came to Germany. She played for the Lehigh University and was named Patriot League Offensive Player of the Year (2004, 2005) and Patriot League Rookie of the Year (2003), she was led all scorers in League 2004 year with eight goals and 16 points.

Full Interview

The German Women National team will face England in the finale

The German women national team will face England in the finale of the UEFA European Championship 2009 in Finland, this thursday. The German team started very slow against Norway in the semi-finale. In the 10th minute, Herlovsen scored after a corner kick for Norway. German Coach Silvia Neid must found the right words during the half time. With more speed and higher intensity, the german team equalized in the 59th minute by Simone Laudehr. At the end the German team dominated the team from Norway and won 1:3.
Celia Da Mabi (62 min.) and Fatmire Bajramaj (90 min.) scored for Germany.

Kick off: 18:00 in Helsinki

Freitag, 4. September 2009

UEFA Women's European Championship in Finland

The German Women's National team will face Italy in the quater final, today. Our German team looked very strong in the group stage. Germany beat France in their frist game with 5:1.Norway got beat 4:0 and Iceland 1:0. Three players already scored two goals in just three games (Inka Grings, Fatmire Bajramaj and Linda Bresonik). The GERMANY SOCCER TEAM wishes the National team good luck for the Italy game.

Two GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER partner teams are unbeatable

Two of the GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER partner clubs are still unbeaten in their league. 1.FC Union Berlin are on the second place in the German 2. Bundesliga. "Eisern" Union won three out of their four games. One tied against league favorite FC. Augsburg.

SC Westend 1901 are smashing their opponents and leading their league with four wins out of four games.

LFC Berlin and BFC Preussen have to raise their game to accomplish their goals for the first round.

Montag, 20. Juli 2009

Brandin McClay (SpVgg Weiden) - A young men alone in Bavaria

Brandin, is this your first time in Germany? How do you like Bavaria, so far?

Brandin McClay: Yes this is my first time here in Germany, well besides coming here for trials in March 2008. Bavaria is very different from what I am used to from back home in the states.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: You are a very young player. You played for the University of Southern Connecticut in the NCAA DII. How comes that you signed with SpVgg Weiden. Who was in charge of your transfer?

Brandin McClay: I signed with SpVgg Weiden because I wanted to develop as a top level player and felt the college game and the whole college experience was holding me back. If I wanted to become a professional footballer I would need to dedicate all of my time to developing in the sport and it was hard for me to balance academics and soccer at the same time. Michael Carlson, Ronald Neumann, and Jesko Onken from FARA organization was in charge of my transfer and are now full time agents for me.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: I already mentioned your age! It is not common to leave home in this age and to play soccer in a different country. What did your parents said, when you told him about your plans?

Brandin McClay: Both my parents were all on board with pursuing my dream. My father had the chance to go professional but the league folded and never got his shot which is why he is so supportive of my career. I have a great family. All of them are wanting me to follow my dreams and to go as high as I can.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: How does the club support you? Are you just playing soccer or do you continue your studies here in Germany?

Brandin McClay: I am playing full-time soccer here at Weiden. I don’t plan to study here in Germany as I have dedicated my life to this sport but you never know what the future holds.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: College soccer in the USA is very different compare to the German soccer, especialy in the higher leagues. What is the main different?

Brandin McClay: In my opinion, the biggest difference between the styles of play is the pace, everyday intensity, and the technical ability.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Your team is doing very well this year. You are on the top of the table and have 9 points ahead. Do you think that the SpVgg Weiden will get promoted and what is your personal goal for the rest of the season?

Brandin McClay: I have my high hopes on our team getting promoted into the Regionaliga and feel we have a great chance and the team to do it. My personal goal for the rest of this season is to continue to develop and keep growing as a person as well as a player. Specifically I will work on the mental aspect of the game, technical ball work, and the big one… my German!

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: To have this kind of succes, the quality of players must be very good. How many times do you practice during the week? Are the practice sessions various here in Germany?

Brandin McClay: We usually train on average 7-8 times a week and match once a week. The training here is much more intense and much more is expected of you. Training is where you fight for your position on the team so everyone is competing every second.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: The soccer crowd in Germany is very different compare to the American spectators, especially on the collegiate level? Can you desrcibe us the German soccer culture!

Brandin McClay: The German soccer culture is amazing to see. To see all the fans every game supporting their teams decked out in scarves, face paint, jerseys, and the list goes on, is incredible to see. They are loud all the time singing their team chants, hooting and hollering the whole game.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: What are you doing after the practice sessions. How does your life looks like in Germany?

Brandin McClay: After training sometimes I will get a massage from our physical trainer, sit in the sauna, shower, and then drive back to my flat. In my free time I like to go to the gym, work on fitness, hang out with friends, and go to church.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: It is sometimes hard to adopt to any new culture. Do you have any problems with the food, music, humor or even TV?

Brandin McClay: At first the food was very difficult for me to get use to. Now my body has adjusted and actually grew to like the food. They actually listen to the same music as we do in the states, so that wasn’t an issue for me. I don’t watch much T.V but I do miss some of my favorite shows.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Did you had the chance to see any other places in Germany? If you did, can you recommend any places?

Brandin McClay: I got to see very little but loved Nuremberg! The city was great and lots of fun.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: There are always funny things happen in a soccer team. Can you give us a story from your team or your personal experience!

Brandin McClay: During pre-season of this year we ended up having training indoors where there were basketball hoops set up. So for a warm up we split the team in half and played a game. To see them try and shoot the ball and dribble was hilarious. They would be all alone for a easy lay up and instead they would trip over the ball and then try and chuck the ball into the hoop where most, actually all of the time the ball would go into the bleachers. To be there and to see this was something else.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Thank you for your time and good luck for you and your team?Do you have any reommondation for players from the US, who wants to play in Germany or even turn pro?

Brandin McClay: If you have the dream of playing professional soccer in Europe or anywhere in the world, I would tell you to fight for you dream. As a professional and living the dream as we speak, I can tell you it is not easy. But if you want it that bad you have to fight for it everyday. You must train everyday, eat properly, and most importantly stay mentally fit. I hope I can be an inspiration to young players who want to become professional themselves. I want to reach out to young Americans who have the same passion for the sport as I have and help them reach their goal as well. Every player must find their own way of dealing with adversity as it comes often in this business. What has been keeping me strong through is my faith in Christ.

Brandin, thank your for the interview. The GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER Team wish you all the best for your future.

Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2009


With a 4:0 victory over long term rival, England. The German U-21 National team won the European Championship in Sweden,this Monday. The DFB (German soccer association) is the first european soccer association, which currently holds the European Champion in the U-21, U-19 and U-17 at the same time. Gonzalo Castro (23.min), Mesut Özil (48.min) and Sandro Wagner (79.min/84.min) scored the German goals. With one goal and two assist, Mesut Özil (SV Werder Bremen) was the player of the game. What a great success for the German soccer.

Interview with Goaly Luis Robles (1.FC Kaiserslautern,2.Bundesliga and US National player)

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Congratulation to your success with the team! Your team, the 1.FC Kaiserslautern still has the chance to be promoted to the Bundesliga. What are the reasons for the team’s success this year? I ask, because you didn’t finish last season, too well?

Luis Robles: We have a very good team spirit. Everybody gets along with each other and we have a lot of fun. The coach is also a very important. But I give also a lot of credit to Stefan Kunz, our Manager. The coach and Stefan Kunz did a really good job during the summer. The Manager brought in the right player and the right sponsor. It is a very good combination.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: You also did a good job in the season so far (16 games)! I believe you had your best game against 2. Division Powerhouse SC Freiburg in the middle of December 2008? Do you remember the game?

Luis Robles: I remember the game, because it was very important for us. It was the last game in the first round. The team wanted to finish strong and wanted to give our great supporter a nice present for Christmas. It was very cold but the Fritz Walter stadium was almost with 55.000 people packed. SC Freiburg had at the beginning a couple of chances, which I saved. I had a good game, but I will give most of the credit to our defense. Our defense is very strong and they made it very easy for me to perform well.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: The 1. FC Kaiserslautern is a very big club with a lot of tradition in the German soccer history. The supporter base is huge. How is it to play for a big club like 1.FCK?

Luis Robles: The fans are just great. It is a lot of fun to play in front of them. It is in general a great atmosphere in the town. People start to recognize me more often and I have to sign some autograph while I am having a schnitzel. I think the fans appreciate my hard work and my attitude.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: You were drafted in the 2007 MLS Super Draft by D.C. United! But you decided to sign with the reserve team from 1.FC Kaiserslautern and to play overseas? What did your parents, coaches and friends think about your decision?

Luis Robles: My parents are always the first to talk to. They always supported me and backed my decisions up. They knew that I always wanted to go to Europe to play professional soccer. I also have a good relationship to my old college coach Bill Irwin from the University of Portland. He played professional soccer in the UK, so he knows what he is talking about. My old club coach is from Aachen, Germany. He is also an important impact for my decisions concerning soccer.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Did you only try out for 1.FC Kaiserlautern or did you have some other German teams lined up?

Luis Robles: It is kind of a funny story. A Day after D.C. United drafted me. I received a call, if I wanted to try out for Carl Zeiss Jena, who played at this time in the 2. Division. I arrived on a Tuesday in Kaiserslautern, because my agent is from there. I wanted to practice with any team, because the try out with Jena was until Friday. I practiced with the Kaiserlautern reserve team to stay in shape and after the session, they offered me a contract.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Who was responsible for your transfer to Germany and how did you get in contact with him or her?

Luis Robles: I was in contact with Josh Simpson, my old teammate from the University of Portand. Josh played for Millwall in England and signed with 1.FC Kaiserslautern. He basically was my connection to my current agent.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: You left the USA after you had a great college career at the University of Portland? Was it a big adjustment for you to a different culture and a different style of soccer?

Luis Robles: Germany is a big difference compare to the US. I am really blessed with all the support. Josh is a great help and the club did also a great job. There is also a big American military base in the Kaiserlautern area, which makes it even easier for me. But I am in a great situation to have already a friend here. The people are very nice here.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Josh Simpson (Canadian National player and former University of Portland team mate) signed a 3-year contract with 1. FC Kaiserslautern in 2006. Did you talked to him before you decided to play in Germany?

Luis Robles: Yes, we always stayed in contact even if he just played two years for the University of Portland. He played for Millwall in England before he signed with 1.FC Kaiserslautern. He introduced me to his agent, who organized the try out in Germany.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: By the way, the Kaiserlautern region is very famous for their great wine. Do you have any Germany food or wine recommendation?

Luis Robles: I tasted wine, before I came to Germany. But you are right the wine in the Kaiserlautern region is great. I really like the wine fest, because the weather is nice, the people are in a great mood and the food is fine. It is a very nice atmosphere during this time.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock) is also a former University of Portland player; do you have any contact to him or other American players in Germany?

Luis Robles: Since Heath played for the same school. We were via facebook in contact. The school network also helps us out to stay in contact with other American players.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Thanks a lot for the interview. Do you have any tips for young American players who would like to play on a professional level in Germany?

Luis Robles: My only advise for other players are to work hard and use every opportunity. Even if you don’t sign with a big team sign with a smaller team and work your way up. It might take some time and it will be not always easy, but trust me it will be worth it.

Thanks a lot Luis for this interviiew. Have a lot of fun in Germany and good luck with your carrier.

Samstag, 13. Juni 2009

Jermaine Jones for the US national team??

Jermaine Jones doesn't want to play for Germany anymore! After national coach Jogi Löw passed on Schalke 04 midfielder Jermain Jones for the Asia Tour, 2 weeks ago. Jermaine Jones was not amused about Jogi Löws decision. The midfielder from Schalke 04 took action and retired from the german side. Since Jones has also an american passport, he wants to play for the US national team. Jermaine already played three games for the German national team. But these were just friendly games so he can play for the USA. Jones played 91 Bundesliga games, 8 Champions League games and 3 caps for Germany. I personally think: "That Jermaine did the correct step. If he didn't feel the support from the staff from the German Team, why should he stay with them!" It was a brave move and good luck with the US Team in South Africa.

Interview with Coach Sven Thoss (Lokomotive Leipzig)

Check out the new interview with Coach Sven Thoss on Thoss is a well known soccer coach in the Germany women's soccer business. He is the Head Coach of 2. Women Bundesliga Team, Lokomotie Leipzig. GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER talked with him about his experience with american soccer players, training methods and the development of women soccer in Germany.

Full Interview

Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2009

Why should I travel with GST to Germany and play soccer?

This is a good question, but very easier to answer!

The GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER will provide you and your team a complete service. The GST Team will book the hotel, flight, restaurants, game tickets, daily training session with German coaches, culture program and a lot of activities with local teams. We try to create a program with a mix of soccer and culture. Travel to Germany, is always great. But to travel to the capital and play soccer against great teams from Berlin is somthing different. Just check out the or our website This blog will give you interesting facts about the German soccer and our partners.

Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2009

GST Partner Club - 1.FC Union

1. FC Union Berlin

The FC. Union Berlin is based in the Treptow-Köpenick district (East Berlin). The new stadion, the “Alte Försterei” holds 23.000 spectators. The club is founded 1966, but is orginal established 1906 under the name FC Olympia Oberschöneweide. Beside Hertha BSC Berlin (Bundesliga), Union is the second powerhouse in Berlin soccer. The cult club has a huge amount of supporters, because of their underdog status in the East Germany history. The men’s team will play in the season 2009/10 in the 2. Bundesliga. The team had a great season and won the league with 9 points. The whole club has a great development in the last 4 years. The womens team played in the 2. Women Bundesliga but got religated this season. The youth system brings a lot of talented players to the first teams.

Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2009

Interview with Alexandra (Ally) Krieger (1.FFC Fankfurt)

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: First of all, how are you doing Alexandra? You broke your foot during the winter break. When can we expect your comeback?

Alexandra Krieger: I am doing okay actually but I could be a little bit better. I did break my foot three days after Christmas but honestly everything with my surgery went great and now I'm on the road to recovery. No, but really it has been a long road for me this year and i have been a bit unlucky, times have been tough but I am finally able to run and train everyday with a personal trainer trying to get healthy, strong and back onto the field. I am still unable to say when I will back playing but I can only hope and tell you as of now, seeing that my training in rehabilitation is going well, that I will play at least one game this season, which is on June 7th.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: The 1.FFC. Frankfurt is currrently on the 4th place but just 3 point behind the top team. Do you believe that you still can win the championship?

Ally Krieger: I am a very positive but competitive person and truly do believe anything can happen this season. Football is a funny game sometimes and a bit of luck as well. I think we have been struggling this year but we still have a chance to place first or second. We have to absolutely win every game from here on out without question but I think the girls really want the championship and with that mind set I think we definitely have the ability to place first or second this season.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: This is your second season with 1.FFC. Frankfurt. Your first season in 2007/2008 was very sucessfull. You won the tripple (German Bundesliga, German cup, UEFA Women’s cup). I think this is the best way to start a new life in a different country?

Ally Krieger:
Of course, I agree that this was an absolute best way to start my life in a new country. I think winning the triple was without a doubt one of the most exciting and most memorable experiences not only in my life, but in my entire Football career. I couldn't have asked for a better start to my success with 1.FFC Frankfurt. To have the ability to win three huge titles and to win them outright was very, very exciting. Also, to be the one and only US National Team player to have ever won the UEFA Cup in history was a great honor for me as well. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into before I came here to Frankfurt so it was an amazing yet surprising year for me.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Anyway, how is your life in Germany? Was it hard for you to adopt to the german culture, especially to the food and maybe humor?

Ally Krieger: I think it is always difficult for one to adapt to a new culture and life when living in a new country because one sort of steps outside their comfort zone and has to really deal with many new experiences. At first, I was a bit culture-shocked but after a few weeks with the team and settling into my apartment and living my normal day to day life it was very easy for me to learn. Yes, i have to say that the food and humor is different but I enjoy it. More now than when I first came because I obviously understand a lot more. I do think it was easier for me to get settled into the European lifestyle just because I sort of had automatic friends from the team and also the 1. FFC club helped a tremendous amount with settling in. In a way, I enjoyed the challenge and new experience because it has helped me become more independent and more aware of what the world has to offer.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Gina Lewandowski, is the second american player on the team and came with you at the same time to Germany? How important is it for a young women like you to have somebody from the US next to you, who might shares the same experience?

Ally Krieger: I honestly met Gina the very first day that I came for my tryout back in August. I had never met her before that day even back home in the US so that was sort of a nice treat for both of us. I think having another fellow American to share this once in a lifetime experience is truly great and we continue to help each other everyday. I can speak with her about anything and really lean on her if I am having any sort of trouble or need someone to talk to. We both understand each others experience and life here so it definitely makes it easier to help us adapt quickly to the German lifestyle. We became automatic friends and I am very happy she is here because I'm not sure what my life in Germany would be like without another American to experience this with.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: How does a normal day looks like from Ally Krieger?

Ally Krieger: In my normal day I wake up around 8am, eat breakfast and attend my German Speaking Class from 9-12pm. After that, I come home to have lunch and then I have to go to rehabilitation at 4pm for two and half hours and workout then I eat dinner, do some German homework, try and hangout with my friends or do some things around my apartment. **If I was not injured right now I would substitute rehabilitation with normal training with the team at 5:30-7pm.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Let’s come back to the Soccer. You played for Penn State University and the Washington Freedom in the Staates. It is the highest level but what is the diffrence compare to the German Soccer?

Ally Krieger: I think every level of football is obviously different. Playing for Penn State and the Washington Freedom were both wonderful stepping stones for me to help me get to this point in my football career. Both of those teams hold strong places in my heart and have really affected the way I play today. Playing Club football and then College football was a huge difference for me. For example the speed of play was much faster and the level of players was much higher. Playing College to now playing professional in Germany is a huge difference as well, just because everyone is more serious and it is now my job so every weekend is an important challenge. The speed of play, the strength of the teams the quick and sharp passes are all a big difference for me. I just think its a more mature level overall. Every Sunday we battle for earning three points so there is an incentive to win each game to stay at the top of the table whereas in college or in club football thats not really the case. Also, being able to play in the UEFA Cup or as for next year it will be called the Champions League is amazing and such an honor. We battle the best of the best for the title and its a great tournament for all the best club teams in Europe.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: I read on the US Soccer website, that Grover Gibson (Rot Weiss Ahlen) was your connection to 1. FFC Frankfurt. Are you still in contact with him?

Ally Krieger: I have been in contact with Grover Gibson since I have come to Germany, but I have not spoken with him recently. His family is close with my Father and I have all the respect for him and his family and hopefully I will get a chance to see him sometime soon before I leave.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: 2008 was definatly a great year for you. You made your first appearance for the US national Team. What kind of a feeling is it to wear the national Jersey?

Ally Krieger: The year 2008 was definitely a great year for me not only with FFC but with the US team and I have great memories from my first few appearances and National team games. Putting on the US Jersey for the full team last January and representing my country felt unreal. I can't really explain how fantastic it is. Everything you work for from when you are really young and dreaming of walking out onto a field with playing for your country and living your dream is hard to put into words. I was very excited and very honored to have that opportunity and I hope I will have more in the next few years to come.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Could you kept the Jersey? And if you do, who has it?

Ally Krieger: Yes, I was able to have three jerseys from that trip and I gave one to my father and one of our assistant coaches from the US team is the head coach from Penn State University so I gave her one as well. The last one of course, is hanging in my own closet and was the very first jersey I put on to represent the USA.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: There are always funny things happen during practice or even in a game. Do you have a funny storry to tell us?

Ally Krieger: I have so many stories from my entire football career that its tough to actually choose just one. My most recent funny moment in soccer happened last year when we played in Berlin against Potsdam. It was a cold winter day and we had to play in about three or four inches of snow. I had never played in snow before that moment and I have to say that it was a crazy experience. The entire field was covered in snow all except the 18 yard box. We were warming up and trying to kick the balls through the snow and they would just roll and collect more snow and basically make huge snow balls. I honestly think I could have made a snowman while kicking the ball across the field. I remember that day was extremely cold and very strenuous to play. During the entire game we were just chipping the ball and trying to keep it moving but it was almost impossible. Every other pass would stop short or one couldn't even get it off their foot because the snow would stop it. Most of the match was played in the air. I guess we were trying to see who could keep it off the ground the longest. All I heard my teammates and coaches saying was "kick it up the field." Towards the end of the game the field was pure slush and puddles of water. If you fell, you would be soaked and I think everyones feet were frozen. To the you the truth even though it was soaking wet and really cold, we all had a ton of fun!

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER wish you all the best and good luck for the rest of the season.

Interview with Grover Gibson (Rot Weiss Ahlen)

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: First of all, how are you doing Grover? You had a serious injury back in February I recall. How has the Rehabilitation program been, any improvements?

Grover Gibson: Thanks for asking, I am doing fine. I think I can start practice with the team next week. But I have to be careful because the team practices is more intensely than the individual practice sessions. I hope i will be back in the roster against Alemannia Aachen or MSV Duisburg.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: You started at the beginning of the season and scored a goal in the first game. How hard will it be to become a starter again?

Grover Gibson: I was in great shape and the beginning of the season. I felt great before I injured my patella ligament. It took me a while to recover and to come back. I had a bit of game time but the first round was already over for me. The pre-season for the second round didn’t start too well. The winter was very cold and we had to practice on the extra turf, which is not good for any ligaments. When I was back in shape and ready to play, I injured myself again during the warm up against 1860 Munich. After working with the trainers for two month, I am ready to go. I have a lot of experience and I believe that I will very important for the team. I will be back in the team, soon.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: This is your first year in the II Bundesliga. Your team is on the 12th spot and the best promoted team. How is the atmosphere in the league, especially at the notorious Millerntor in Hamburg/St. Pauli?

Grover Gibson: To play at the Millerntor in Hamburg/St.Pauli is special. But the crowd in Mainz (2nd in the 2.Bundesliga) or even from Braunschweig (3 Division) or Duesseldorf (3 Division) is crazy, too. The atmosphere is huge. It is a lot of fun to play against clubs with big tradition. These Clubs have a lot of supporters.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Your first club in Germany was the VFL Stuttgart (1. Bundesliga). How were you recruited? Since you didn’t play college soccer in the US?

Grover Gibson: The U-17 US National Team had a camp in Germany. It was a camp for the youth world cup. We played against Germany twice. The scouts from the VFB Stuttgart liked the way of my game. I already committed to the University of Virginia, but the offer from Germany was too good. I was still a youth player, so I didn’t lose my eligibility to play in the NCAA.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: To go overseas as young player must be very difficult? What was the main difference in the soccer game and in the German culture?

Grover Gibson: VFB Stuttgart helped me a lot at the beginning. At this time, VFB Stuttgart was the only team in Germany who had a youth resident for players. I shared a place with 5 different other youth players. This was a reason why adjusted very fast to the culture. It was a great time and a lot of fun. I shared the place with former German national goalkeeper Tino Hildebrandt (TSV Hoffenheim 1899) and former Bundesliga player Roberto Pinto (SV Sandhausen). I also adapted very quick to the German game and practiced with the men’s team after a year. This is very unusually for a youth player in Germany at this time.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: You left VFB Stuttgart and played for a “couple” of other teams in Germany. Which important people did you meet for your carrier during this time?

Grover Gibson: That is right that I played for a lot of teams in Germany. But I was very unlucky, with two clubs. Bothe teams got folded and instead of signing a new contract. I had to look for a new club at the beginning of the season. Especially at this time, there are a lot of players on the market. I was just happy to sign with a team. I met a lot of people who were important for my soccer carrier. But VFB Stuttgart gave me the chance to play professional soccer. I am still in contact with some of them. But they work for different clubs, now.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: I already mentioned that you saw a lot of Germany while you played soccer. Which region did you liked the most?

Grover Gibson: The people were very nice to me, everywhere. Everybody had their characteristics in Germany. That is like the US. The Schwaben (South West Germany) are a bit different compare to the people in Westfalen (North West Germany) and they are different compare to the Bavarians (South East Germany). But I really like the North of Germany. My family and I feel very home living in Westfalen.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: How fast did you learn the German language?

Grover Gibson: It didn’t take me long to learn the language and to adapt to the culture. VFB Stuttgart gave me a job in the Fan shop to learn the language and to meet German people. This helped me out a lot and it was a smart move by Stuttgart.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Do you have any contact to other American players here in Germany?
Off course you have a nice chat with American fella after a game. But I live here since almost 11 years in Germany. I have a lot of friends in Germany.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: What is your personal goal for the future? Do you want to stay in Germany or do you want to finish your carrier in the US?

Grover Gibson: I would like to play as long as I can on the highest level in Germany. However, I am going back with my family to the US after my career. I have two kids and I want that my grandparents see them as much as they can. But I will stay involved with the soccer. There are very good players in the US with great potential. It is very hard to overview the US player market with all the leagues and the college teams. I would like to work as a scout for German teams. I already talked to a couple of people in Germany about it.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER: Thanks a lot for the interview. Do you have any tips for young American players who would like to play on a professional level in Germany?

Grover Gibson: It is very important for a young player to adapt to the culture, people and the language. Some international players stay the whole time in their apartment at just leave the house for the practice sessions. I think that this is not a good idea. If you have any soccer problems or other personal issues, you have nobody to talk about it. Social contact is very important and helps you in your carrier and in your development as a person. In addition, look for your chance to get a try out. I know you need a lot of luck. But you don’t have to be a former super star in college. It is important to adjust to the style of game and to win the trust from the coach.

GERMANY SOCCER TRAVELER wishes you all the best and good luck for the rest of the season.

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