Samstag, 13. Juni 2009

Jermaine Jones for the US national team??

Jermaine Jones doesn't want to play for Germany anymore! After national coach Jogi Löw passed on Schalke 04 midfielder Jermain Jones for the Asia Tour, 2 weeks ago. Jermaine Jones was not amused about Jogi Löws decision. The midfielder from Schalke 04 took action and retired from the german side. Since Jones has also an american passport, he wants to play for the US national team. Jermaine already played three games for the German national team. But these were just friendly games so he can play for the USA. Jones played 91 Bundesliga games, 8 Champions League games and 3 caps for Germany. I personally think: "That Jermaine did the correct step. If he didn't feel the support from the staff from the German Team, why should he stay with them!" It was a brave move and good luck with the US Team in South Africa.

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