Freitag, 12. August 2011

This is THE END - Birgit Prinz Superstar

A great soccer career is over! Brigit Prinz Germanys Super Star will not comeback this season and retire on the club and the international level.

The 33 year old super striker won 2 World Cups, 3 FIFA Players of the Years awards, 5 European Championships, 3 Olympic medals, 9 German Championships and 10 German Cups.

Birgit Prinz said: "Soccer was and is still her passion and it was necessary step in her life".

She earned 214 international caps, scored 128 goals and played in five World Cups. She scored 14 goals in just 24 World Cup games.

Brigit Prinz played a big role in Germanys Women Soccer development. He big star will step off the soccer stage.

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