Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Womens Bundesliga Live on German TV

Since the FIFA Womens World Cup 2011 was such a big success. The German Womens Bundesliga expect more attraction for their new campaign.

The first step is already made. The Womens Bundesliga signed a new TV deal. The first game of the new season (1.FFC Frankfurt vs. SG Essen Schönebeck) will be broadcast live on the 21. August.

The Favorite of this game is team from Frankfurt am Main. The team is peppered with many German national players like Lira Bajramaj, Kim Kulig, Birgit Prinz. But it was not enough for the club. They also signed World Champion Saki Kumagai from Japan.

Frankfurt will face the former University Missouri standout Kat Tarr.

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